A movement to restore hope in your fight against darkness.


Your darkness may be different than somebody else’s, but together we can overcome fear, anxiety, abuse, depression, and suicide. We are all broken in some way, but brokenness does not mean that you are damaged or worthless. God is the mender of broken things, He restores the hurts of the darkness and infuses them with Hope. Your broken pieces then become a banner of victory, a reminder to the enemy that #HopeWins.

Every item that comes out of this nonprofit is meant to be a reminder that hope is stronger than your darkness.

Current Giving Outlets

Hope for the Broken is a DBA of All True Ministries, a 501-C3 nonprofit. At this time, Hope for the Broken has two giving outlets:

  • 30% of all proceeds go to those struggling with darkness, usually in the form of a painting, print, necklace, or t-shirt. For example: there was a girl who attempted suicide, and we were able to walk into the hospital and give her a symbol of hope in the Lantern of Hope necklace. It was a life changing experience, not because of anything we did, but we God is able to do through the power of hope.
  • 10-20% of all proceeds go back to Reborn Warrior, a ministry that serves those who have sacrificed so much for our country, Active Military, Veterans, First Responders, and Israeli Defense Forces. These heroes often face the darkness of PTSD, depression, and suicide, and they deserve the utmost honor.


Imagine a group of lanterns hanging in the dark. All of their lights are out, except one. That one light is no ordinary light; it is THE Light. As it says in John 1:5, Jesus is the Light and He has overcome. The lanterns with no light are representations of the state of this generation; hurting and in darkness… BUT the smallest amount of light will always pierce the greatest darkness. Like a ripple effect, His light will illuminate the surrounding lanterns. A lantern containing His Light is within your reach. Take hold of it. Protect it. Fight for it. Forge a path into the darkness that intends to destroy you. You are an overcomer. Let the one, true Light, restore your hope and lead you home.